Introducing LeNewMemeNiceMayMayManCoin (LNMNMMMC)

LNMNMMMC HAS BEEN RELEASED! Head to to access the client.

LeNewMemeNiceMayMayManCoin is a revolutionary new cryptocurrency developed entirely by /r/circlejerk. It is the first currency in history to use LeNewMemeNiceMayMayManCoinMan (a.k.a Le New Meme Nice Maymay Man, a.k.a. Unidan) as its official mascot.

Why should I use LeNewMemeNiceMayMayManCoin?

The scientists and innovators of /r/circlejerk have been hard at work on this project, and have designed a unique cryptocurrency platform that provides many advantages over Bitcoin, Dogecoin and other competing virtual currencies:

  • It’s backed by the world’s most popular meme: Le New Meme Nice Maymay Man! That’s right everyone, this will soon be the world’s most hilarious cryptocurrency. Better meme up!
  • Anyone can mine it! Throw that $4,000 mining hardware in the garbage! Thanks to an innovative coin generation scheme, anyone with a personal computer should be able to produce their own LNMNMMMCs without wasting much power or computational resources.
  • Enhanced Security! Transactions have been reworked from the ground up in the LeNewMemeNiceMayMayManCoin client, and as such it is virtually impossible to steal someone’s hard-earned LNMNMMMCs remotely.
  • No Premine! That’s right, it’ll be a level playing field for everyone! We guarantee 100% that LNMNMMMC will absolutely not be released with a premined blockchain. When the client is finished, the time and date of the release will be announced at least 48 hours ahead of time to give everyone a fair shake at earning some LeNewMemeNiceMayMayManCoins.
  • No IPO or Buy-in! We don’t want to take your money. Just mine your coins on Day 1 like everyone else. 
  • Lightweight and private! Thanks to the unique design of the LeNewMemeNiceMayMayManCoin client, you won’t have to worry about gumming up your hard drive with several gigabytes of transaction history when syncing up with the network, or your mom tracking your fleshlight purchases through the blockchain. Stop telling me to get a job already!
  • Retooled source code! This currency is so innovative, you’ll think we’ve redone virtual currencies completely from the ground up. Which we have! You won’t believe it until you see it.

How do I transfer LeNewMemeNiceMayMayManCoins to another person, or receive payment in LeNewMemeNiceMayMayManCoins?

The LeNewMemeNiceMayMayManCoin client is not connected to any network, thereby rendering it nearly immune to attack from a malicious third party. To send someone LeNewMemeNiceMayMayManCoins, gain permission to connect to their computer using software such as TeamViewer or VNC, open the wallet client in their browser and mine coins for them until you have sent them the desired number of LeNewMemeNiceMayMayManCoins. Easy as 1, 2, 3! We take no responsibility for any damage to your computer or files that may result from transferring coins in this way. Free market!

Help! I closed my browser window and lost all my LeNewMemeNiceMayMayManCoins!

What are you doing closing your browser window, dummy? The LeNewMemeNiceMayMayManCoin protocol is perfect, you are just using it wrong. The “anti-fragility” of these coins is what encourages the miners to keep mining!

Oh no! I made a bad investment and lost all my LeNewMemeNiceMayMayManCoins!

What do you want, a handout? Do you even Ayn Rand? Consider this a valuable lesson in keeping your LeNewMemeNiceMayMayManCoins secure.


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