Content made by (and for) the /r/circlejerk community 


Reddit Circlejerk Youtube Channel
Poking fun at reddit

Jerk Circle Youtube Channel
Non-reddit variety content from circlejerkers

Braveryjerk Youtube Channel
Upstart video content from Circlejerk’s little brother sub, /r/Braveryjerk. 

Southern Graphics Guru
"Jerkie"-award winning Youtube channel by redneck photoshop guy /u/swonkty

Comics & Art

Nick Beard
The exciting adventures of a neckbeard who lives in his mom’s basement.

Destructive Outlet
Simple gag comic about nothing in particular

Reddit Street Team Stickers
Brave sticker album. Change the warld!


The Sound of Bravery
CJ-themed music and copypasta

LordUb3r’s Soundcloud
Numerous well-done copypasta readings


Flappy Fedora
Flappy Bird clone by ItsCrafted based on the Reddit CJ YouTube video of the same name.

Nick Beard RPG
Long and challenging RPG adventure starring Nick Beard. See the full video walkthrough here if you get stuck.

Social media

OMG Science is Like Totally Cool
Circlejerk’s parody of the “I Fucking Love Science” Facebook page

Neckbeard News
News for the enlightened! Maintained by /u/MrYOLOSwaggins.

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